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About Me, steven havers

My training method is called The power of attention, your attention. My method teaches you how to behave, if you know how to behave, your dog will follow your lead.

25 years of hard, dedicated work has gone in to understanding how dogs interpret your behaviour and then shape their own behaviour in response. This means your dog gives you the behaviours that you react to the most! These are usually the behaviours we don't want and, like children, our dogs will do more of the behaviours that get the most attention.

I teach you how to break this cycle, how to effectively and clearly deal with the behaviours you don't want and then the difficult part, I have to teach you to praise your dog. You might think you praise your dog but you do not do it enough and you do not always do it at the right time and in the right way. I can you show you and teach you how. You will be amazed at the results!

However I will give you a word of warning. This is not click and treat, this is your own behaviour and attention you will be learning to control and that is hard work. Please be assured I won't be offended if we don't work together as my teaching is not for everyone. Lasting change requires commitment and I would like to give you an example of the level of commitment required. Lasting change will happen during a course of up to three home visits and at least ten of my dog behaviour walks. If you can't commit to this level then please seek help elsewhere. If you can't get to my dog behaviour walks, monthly home visits are the next best thing because you will keep working towards your goal  to have a happy, well balanced and well behaved dog you can be proud of wherever you go together! 

If that is your goal and you want a different approach and you are prepared to work, you will have my dedicated support through the whole journey and that is my promise to you.

My mission is to help you and your dog live a happy life together without being dependent on a bag of treats. 

I look forward to meeting you! I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.



my Services


Home Visits

You and your dog spend most of your time at home together so your dog learns how to behave here. What you see on a walk is only an escalation of what has been learned in the home

If your dog jumps up at you, he will jump up at visitors or people in the street, if your dog barks whilst playing with you, your dog will bark for attention at people and other dogs out on a walk. These are just a couple of examples. If these behaviours are not changed at home, one hour a week on a class or on a dog walk won't make the lasting changes you are looking for. My home visit will. That is my promise to you. Please get in touch I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.

dog behaviour walks

Dog training classes on a field are ok but they are not real and the dogs and owners become complacent as they all get to know each other. My dog behaviour walks, or adventures as I like to describe them take place in different, real situations where we encounter everything you encounter when you are out on a walk with your dog. Learning to deal with real life is essential, training your dog to recall from real situations is completely essential. My dog behaviour adventures teach you how to have real control over your dog in real life situations that cannot be replicated in a class structure. I will warn you though, these are not for the fait hearted as we do cover many different terrains! You will learn so much and become much more confident, thats my promise to you! Please get in touch!  I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.

intensive training for you

This is an option if you have limited free time or can't commit to sessions over a longer period of time.

You spend five consecutive days with me in many different situations and environments where you and your dog learn how to cope with and deal with whatever life throws at you and to remain calm and be in control. This is intensive and challenging but immensely rewarding! You will learn so much and become much more confident, thats my promise to you! Please get in touch!  I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.

my dog walking team

My team offer 4 levels of service for you to accommodate your dog walking needs. Please visit the Havers Dog Walking Team page for full information.  I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.



Havers Raw Dog Food

What you feed your dog can have a noticeable effect on your dogs behaviour which is why raw fed dogs tend to be calmer have fewer health issues which is why I started feeding raw food some 15 years ago. I sell and deliver a wide range of excellent quality raw dog food throughout Leicestershire and beyond. For the full range and full information visit www.haversrawdogfood.co.uk  I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.


Puppy Training

Teaching puppies how to behave has to start at home as they are too young to explore the big wide world straight away. You can teach a huge amount in those first four weeks of bing in your home that will lay the foundations for the whole of the dogs love with you. It is very easy, however to get caught up in the emotion and excitement of having a new puppy and all teaching goes out of the window. I will help you get the balance right so your new puppy learns how to be the well behaved family member you always wanted. Please get in touch!  I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.


Puppy training book

The book teaches you what to do even before you get a puppy and what you need to do in the first week of having the puppy at home with you.

Your puppy is learning all about you from the moment you meet them at the breeder which means there is plenty of opportunities to get it right from the outset which will help stop you falling into the traps most puppy owners fall into and stop you making the mistakes they made. Follow this link to buy and make a good start to your new life with your puppy!



havers dog photography

Our dogs are with us for a very short time and it is very difficult to get good photographs of your own dog, as you will know if you have tried, even more difficult to get a good photograph of you with your dog.

I have 25 years of experience of woking with dogs to draw on to make sure you get amazing photographs of you and your dog that you will love. I have just a little less experience of photographing dogs and I work very hard to get you the best possible images . For examples of my dog photography work you are welcome to visit www.haversdogphotography.co.uk where you will find all the information you need.

What better way to mark the transformation of your dog into a well behaved member of your family than a personal photography session of you and your dog celebrating your success and the start of your new life together?  I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.





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Havers Dog walking team


Read all about it!


My team of dog walkers have all been trained by me to a very high standard and are able to deal with all dog behaviours in a calm and controlled manner. They have a great deal of experience and are dog owners themselves. There are four levels of service we offer:


level 3 dog walk

As level one and two but the behaviour training now progresses to also include the teaching of the recall, regardless of distraction and the use of long or extending leads can be used to do this. Level three can only begin when level two has been achieved. Interaction with other dogs can only be allowed when the recall has been trained, tested and proven to work. There is a nice progression from level 1 through levels 2 and 3 so you can see the progress your dog is making with our highly trained walkers! The training time is 40 minutes




level 1 dog walk

Our level 1 walk is just a simple, pleasant walk for your dog with one of our highly trained walkers. Although your dog will remain on the lead, extendable leads or long lines will be used if you would be kind enough to provide them. Your dog will be taken out on their favourite walk and returned to your house safe and sound. If your dog needs a wipe down, they will get one provided you have left towels or the like out for our walker to use. Your walker will pick up any poo in bags and deposit them in the nearest waste bin that accepts dog waste. No behavioural training is included in level 1 and your dog may be walked with other dogs provided your dog is relaxed around other dogs. The walk duration is 40 minutes.


level 4 dog walk

As level 1, 2 and 3 but now to include training you to achieve the same standard! If you want to learn what your dog has been taught, our highly trained walkers will be happy to train you to get the results you want. It can be a challenge but is so very worth it! The training time is 40 minutes





level 2 dog walk

As level 1 but this level brings in some behaviour training by teaching your dog to depart your house in a calm and relaxed manner and to walk on the lead without pulling regardless of distraction. The emphasis is teaching your dog how to behave, not that your dog must be walked for the agreed time. It won't take long for your dog to learn to leave the house calmly, our walkers are highly trained! The training time is 40 minutes


You can email directly from here about your dog and how we can help. Please email here or call 01530 242209.  I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.

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Home Visit

Ninety minutes of life changing teaching, that is not an exaggeration, I often achieve more changes in your dog in 90 minutes than have been achieved before, even in old dogs! You will see a big difference, that is my promise to you!

£12 - £22.00...

havers dog walking team

The team offer a range of walking options to suit you and your dogs needs and full details and information can be found on the Havers Dog Walking Team page.




dog behaviour walking adventures

In a group of five or six other dogs in real environments that challenge and test you, you have the opportunity to practice the kills you learned in the home visit out in the real world. The locations change each week to keep the challenge fresh!


Puppy behaviour the havers way

My book covers your behaviour when choosing a puppy, the journey home and the first few days in the house with you. These are the opportunities to get the behaviour right and my book will help you get it right which will help prevent behaviour problems as your dog gets older. Please click here to order.




5 days intensive training

For the brave who really like a challenge and have limited time to commit to regular training sessions this will push you and your dog hard as learning is intense! The last day of the week is spent at your house implementing all you have learned to your usual locations and routines. You will love this training, that is my promise to you!

from £150.00...

Havers dog photography

You and your dog making memories and having this memories captured for ever, superbly, beautifully with joy and passion. Prints that will last up to 70 years to stay as fresh as your memories. Please visit www.haversdogphotography.co.uk for more information



Satisfied Customers



steven havers on tv and radio

Steven Havers is no stranger to working with the media. He is calm and relaxed when being interviewed or presenting, speaks fluently without notes and can take questions as they occur.

Steven has regular appearances  on BBC Radio Leicester as a professional contributor on all issues that are dog related.

Steven has appeared on BBC East Midlands today, a regional news TV programme on issues related to dogs.

Steven has been a guest on the Chrissy B chat show that is broadcast on Sky channel 203.

Steven wrote a weekly column for three years for the More magazine, part of the Leicester Mercury newspaper.

Steven has worked with Direct Line Insurance as part of their Fit Fred campaign.

Steven has worked with Taylor Herring PR agency on a radio based promotion in association with 20th Century Fox to promote the film Marmaduke. 

If you are interested in talking to Steven, please ring 01530 242209 and he is able to, he will answer. If not, please leave a voicemail with a contact number and he will ring you back.

Steven is based in Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9RJ.





The best way to solve a problem is to understand it. The best way to understand a problem is to talk to someone who knows all about it because there is then hope of a resolution. There are several ways to contact me, my preferred method is you ring me on 01530 242209 so we can have a chat about your dog and how to address the problem.

You can email, you can contact me on Facebook or you could fill in the form below and you are very welcome to do so but I still prefer to speak to you please!  I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.