Havers Dog walking team


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My team of dog walkers have all been trained by me to a very high standard and are able to deal with all dog behaviours in a calm and controlled manner. They have a great deal of experience and are dog owners themselves. There are four levels of service we offer:


level 3 dog walk

As level one and two but the behaviour training now progresses to also include the teaching of the recall, regardless of distraction and the use of long or extending leads can be used to do this. Level three can only begin when level two has been achieved. Interaction with other dogs can only be allowed when the recall has been trained, tested and proven to work. There is a nice progression from level 1 through levels 2 and 3 so you can see the progress your dog is making with our highly trained walkers! The training time is 40 minutes




level 1 dog walk

Our level 1 walk is just a simple, pleasant walk for your dog with one of our highly trained walkers. Although your dog will remain on the lead, extendable leads or long lines will be used if you would be kind enough to provide them. Your dog will be taken out on their favourite walk and returned to your house safe and sound. If your dog needs a wipe down, they will get one provided you have left towels or the like out for our walker to use. Your walker will pick up any poo in bags and deposit them in the nearest waste bin that accepts dog waste. No behavioural training is included in level 1 and your dog may be walked with other dogs provided your dog is relaxed around other dogs. The walk duration is 40 minutes.


level 4 dog walk

As level 1, 2 and 3 but now to include training you to achieve the same standard! If you want to learn what your dog has been taught, our highly trained walkers will be happy to train you to get the results you want. It can be a challenge but is so very worth it! The training time is 40 minutes





level 2 dog walk

As level 1 but this level brings in some behaviour training by teaching your dog to depart your house in a calm and relaxed manner and to walk on the lead without pulling regardless of distraction. The emphasis is teaching your dog how to behave, not that your dog must be walked for the agreed time. It won't take long for your dog to learn to leave the house calmly, our walkers are highly trained! The training time is 40 minutes


You can email directly from here about your dog and how we can help. Please email here or call 01530 242209.  I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.