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Our Mission:

To give you a better behaved dog regardless of breed, age or behaviour.

It is our mission to give you the knowledge to understand how your behaviour creates behaviours in your dog. We can teach you how to change both yours and your dogs behaviour. This results in balance and a calm and relaxed house. Call 01530 242209 now or fill in our contact form and we will call you back.


Our Mission

Our mission is to work with you to create a balanced and happy environment in which you and your dog can build a happy and balanced relationship for the whole of your time together.

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Our Impact

Our impact can be extraordinary and it can change lives but it is and can be hard work. There can and will be rapid changes in your dogs behaviour but lasting change requires consistent work from you. Behaviours can also deteriorate before they get better depending on your dog.

With our help, you will change the dog you have into the dog you want if you are prepared to work with us for the duration. Our promise to you is we will always help you for the whole time you have your dog.


8 weeks

The age your dog can start

Your dog will be learning all about you as soon as you bring them home.


6 - 9 months

The time your dog will start to change

Your dog hits puberty and starts to change, the foundation you have laid will now be tested as your dog changes into an adult. We will make sure you are as prepared as you can be and we will work through this time with you.


16+ years

This is the age of the oldest dog I have helped

Age is no barrier to learning and old dogs can learn new tricks. Can you?


October 2017

This is an example testimonial.

Hi Steve, 

We wanted to send you a message to say thank you for all your help with Alfie. Since having a home visit and attending your walks Alfie has improved so much on and off his lead. He is much calmer in his home environment and around other people. Alfie enjoys time off his lead now interacting with other humans and dogs without barking or growling. Alfie’s re call has also improved following your input. 

Thanks again, we appreciate your help. 

Hayley, Sylvia, Colin and Alfie

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Get Involved

You can get involved with you and your dog by getting touch so we can have a conversation about you and your dog. From that relaxed conversation we can best decide the correct way to start working together. Call 01530 242209 or fill in the contact form to get started.

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