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My dog behaviour blog is all about dogs and owners I have helped and dog related items in the news.

Welcome to Havers Dog Behaviour

As you can see I have been slaving away over a hot computer to show off my design and coding skills to produce this new web site.

Not true at all, I have used square space and it has been very easy and straightforward to build a new, fresh and above all, simple new web site. Simple and easy to navigate but still gets the message across and looks good, they were my main criteria when planning the changes and I like it!

I hope you do too! 

There have been lots of changes over the summer to how I deliver my training for you so I wanted to reflect those changes in my new web site.

In my blog, and in my newsletter, I will be looking at dog stories in the news, commenting and advising how we as dog owners can do more to help our dogs by becoming better educated dog owners.

This is a current story, the link is to the BBC News web site and it is discussing the health problems caused by breeding dogs with very short muzzles. There are three culprits in this story, the Kennel Club for setting the breed standard that allows very short muzzles, the puppy farms and back street breeders who churn out dogs on demand and then charge high prices but the biggest culprit is people! If people didn't but these dogs or other fashionable designer breeds, then there wouldn't be any problems because the dogs would not get bred in the first place. People will always create something different and promote it, we have a choice to buy into it or not. People don't seem to care about the dog only the designer factor of the cute factor. We are doing such a disservice to our dogs.