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Offering hope when all has gone...

What do you do when you hire a dog behaviourist who tells you your 6 month old puppy is beyond help?

What do you do when you talk to five other dog behaviourists who tell you the same and you will have to get rid of one of your dogs?

What do you do as their fighting gets more frequent and worse which scares your disabled son?

Many of you would have given up and who could blame you as these are very testing and trying conditions to live in. 

In desperation, however, the owner called me and she gave me a great deal of background information and lots of information about how her dogs behave. Nothing I heard worried me or caused me to jump to conclusions.

Dogs are perfectly capable of living together, it is us, the owners who create trouble, very often without realising it or understanding why. This is why these behaviours in our dogs can cause so much stress and distress or even worse, depression and other mental health issues.

Was I able to help? Yes I was and it took 20 minutes before we saw a change in the dogs behaviour, the barking stopped and other visible signs of calming were evident. As the dogs calmed down and praise was started for the first time, the dogs began to understand what was happening and happily followed us as we changed our behaviour.

By the end of the 90 minutes, I was able to leave the house in a new found peace and quiet as the barking had almost gone completely. I could see the weight lift off the owner and she started to be more relaxed around her dogs because she now knows how to interact with them, how to deal with their elevation and how and when  to praise them for good behaviour.

No treats or toys were used during this session as these items only serve to add excitement and cause competition.

If you are experiencing behaviours like these with your dog or dogs, please get in touch because I will be able to help, even if others say they can't!