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Working hard and dogs escaping....

You may often wonder what happens on my group dog behaviour walks, if you haven’t been on one, you are certainly missing out on a great deal of learning and a great deal of fun.

Our group dog walk today had three dogs in it so this allowed me to do things that are more difficult in a larger group.

I asked the owners how good their recall with their dog is and two of the three said their recall was good.

I love it when owners say that because it means we just have to test it on the walk! We set off and a few minutes in I asked the owners to let their dogs off the lead. They did and they got very excited running around.

This caused the other dog, a young German shepherd who was still on the lead to become so excited, his collar snapped! Snapped clean in two and he was free to join in!

His owners first reaction was to panic as the dog had not been off lead before and the recall was still a work in progress so you can understand the panic.

He did, however, listen to instruction and stayed quiet, calm and still. His dog went no further than the other dogs and we soon had him back on a makeshift lead.

It is so easy in that situation to make a real hash of it and go running after your dog. All he will do in response is run away from you and I know your dog can run further and faster than you!

When a dog does things for the first time, it is our reaction that shapes that behaviour into a good thing to do or not being an event at all.

Our human nature suggests it will be the creation of an event that is the usual reaction rather than the correct approach. The dog was quickly back with his owner because everyone stayed calm.

The other two were getting plenty pf practice through repetition and were giving consistent recalls, not yet quickly but certainly there was a marked improvement.

Everyone finished the walk feeling they had achieved something and their dogs had improved. We will continue to work on their recall next week and their progress will continue.

If you would like to join us on our group dog behaviour walks, you can drop me a line from our contact page or by keeping an eye on my dog behaviour facebook page. You will be very welcome and you will enjoy the experience.

A lovely chocolate Labrador posing in our studio.