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My dog behaviour blog is all about dogs and owners I have helped and dog related items in the news.

Battle Zone

I visited Coalville because these two were fighting. The white dog was apparently the worst dog to live with as she was very noisy and very disruptive and the owner was coming to the end of their tether and patience. 

Living with a disruptive, noisy dog is very difficult and very hard on the nerves and it puts a strain on the relationship with the dog. The strain had reached the point where rehoming was being seriously considered. 

As I approached the gate on the drive, the noise started and was completely ignored by me. Most importantly the noise was completely ignored by the owner because we kept talking to each other as I explained the dogs behaviour. 

Dogs also work on timeframes within which they expect patterns of behaviour to take place. When these timeframes and expectations are exceeded, it leaves the dog in an uncertain place as behaviours have not occurred as the dog expected them to. 

It is at this point we get to see what lengths the dog will go to with regard to getting the attention they are used to getting. 

What surprised the owner greatly was how quickly the white dog gave up and went to her bed and lay down. She was happy to give in and happy to choose a calm, relaxed behaviour. 

As the session went on, another twist in the story happened. It quickly became apparent the real attention seeker was the brown dog who, according to the owner, was the perfect dog. 

In many ways he was but he had the owner completely fooled but because he made sure he got the attention in a subtle and quiet way, no one had realised he was actually very demanding! The power of his stare was considerable! 

It was easy to see why the white dog had to compete so hard for attention as the brown dog was in effortless control. Once the attention was balanced, both dogs were able to be as relaxed as you can see they are in the photograph. They no longer needed to compete with each other which came as a huge relief to the pair of them and they quickly made to choice to opt for the quiet, relaxed option once this was given value with attention. 

It is difficult for us to realise just how disruptive we can be with our dogs and how difficult it is to see the world from their eyes!

I show dog owners how their dog interprets their behaviour and why they make the decisions they do. These decisions are entirely based on the choices we give them and are entirely shaped by our behaviour. 

Our own behaviour as dog owners determines how our dogs behave. If your dog is difficult to live with, then your dog is struggling with your behaviour. 

Your dog is willing to change but can only change if you are willing to change and put the time and effort in. It can be difficult as it requires patience and consistency from you. 

If you have a dog with challenging behaviours and are willing to change and do things that involve changing your own behaviour to achieve the happy and balanced dog you want please get in touch and I will help and support you all the way. 

If you are looking for a quick fix or believe it is the dog that needs training then please don’t get in touch. 

Our dogs need to understand what you want them so to and they need you to consider their needs before your own. Your dog loves you and they deserve a happy and balanced home. Your love your dog and I hope you want a happy and well balanced dog that you can take anywhere and be proud of their behaviour. If you are that dog owner with your dogs interest at heart, we will work very well together. 

I look forward to helping you to help your dog.