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Sport, business and dogs

Three very different fields that appear disparate yet have so much in common and what we know about one aspect of each can be applied to another. I’m not going to go into a great deal of detail about each, I will hope you know enough about each to follow the thread of this blog post.

Here are some bullet points:

  1. Each of these three works better as a team.

  2. Each of these relies on each team member knowing their role.

  3. Each of these relies on members of the team being well trained.

  4. Each of these relies on members understanding the objective.

  5. Each of these relies on clear and consistent communication.

In those five points I have summed up the secret for success. Of course, there is a great deal more to add to that framework but they are the fundamentals that sport, business and dogs need to succeed.

In sport and business these five things are probably easier to design, implement and monitor because we have procedures in place to help us do it. We are also working with people who speak the same language. Adding people into the team who use a different language can add complexity but these challenges be overcome, after all we are very resourseful aren’t we?

What if your team mate neither speaks your language nor understands it?

Many sports and business coaches, when called in to help improve performance seem to find something fundamentally common to both sectors that needs improving.

Communication seems to be an aspect of both sport and business that we struggle with. Once the channels of communication are improved, the performance of the sports team or the business also improves.

But what if your team mate neither speaks or understands your language and never will?

Do we just speak louder and slower?

Dogs work on body language more than speech. Hold on, isn’t body language a very important aspect of sport and business to understand? So we do know about it and how it can be interpreted by others, both our team mates and colleagues and also the opposition players and business so using non verbal communication can be just as important as speaking.

Especially when it comes to our dogs as speech can be very confusing for them but they can and do form pattern recognition based on our speech but relying more on the actions that we attach to our speech and which behaviours follow. It is this reliance on patterns that allows our dogs to understand and predict us.

Leaving behind sport and business now to focus on our dogs, it is essential your dog has clear and concise communication so they clearly understand what we require of them, for good behaviour, obedience, agility, flyball and the list goes on.

We have to learn to also be very observant as a dog will only make a noise when all other attempts to communicate have failed. Non verbal communication is everything and you need to learn it and I can teach you how.

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