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Back in love with her dog

Here is a breed I don't see very often but a breed I love working with. This is Lexi and Lexi is a 12 month old Rottweiler.

The very name Rottweiler will conjure up in your head an association and that will differ for each of you because we all have different experiences or have heard different stories about the breed or individuals in the breed.

I have a request to contact a person who is concerned that a family member is getting a Rottweiler puppy and she has concerns for her children as the dog grows.

This is a breed that will divide opinion. What are they like as a breed?

Over the years I have worked with many, both as pets and a working dogs and I have found them to a very inspiring breed. Very strong, they can be wilful and determined, very courageous and loyal. These are all wonderful qualities but this does mean they can be difficult to live with.

They are not ideal for a first time dog owner, they are really great dogs but they need to be well looked after.

I don't just mean fed and watered and walked. I mean they need to know what they can and cannot do, they are very intelligent and learn quickly.

I have been working with Lexi for a couple of months and have seen her go from a stroppy, argumentative and demanding dog to being a much more relaxed dog, much more biddable and much happier. I have seen her owner go from stressed and worried to much more relaxed and actually back in love with Lexi because she is so much better behaved.

What has caused such a change in Lexi? If the owner wasn't in live with her before, just what was she doing?

She was doing nothing, nothing she should do, nothing she was told to do and everything the owner didn't want her to do.

So what changed?

The owners behaviour changed so the arguments stopped, Lexi calmed down because the owner calmed down and gave patient and clear instructions with the correct associations clearly taught.

The most effective ways of showing Lexi she had made a bad decision were brought in which Lexi completely understood that never involved a raised voice or any contact yet Lexi understood everything because we communicated effectively.

Her owner is back in love with her.

What more needs to be said?