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Dogs and vacuum cleaners

Not the best photograph but the best sight for the Rottweilers owner because this is impossible.

The dog attacks the vacuum cleaner whenever she is using it.

This is a very common problem that I encounter when working with people and their dogs and it can apply to any breed or size of dog, they just don't like the vacuum.

There are many possible reasons including the noise, the movement, the action of using a vacuum cleaner, the change in your energy, your concentration on the cleaner, the motion, the pushing towards your dog and the list can go on.

What is fairly common is the reaction from the owners whilst the dog is attacking the vacuum, this is where the reason and the reward for the dog lies.

If your dog is trying to be calm and relaxed and then you get the vacuum out and disturb that rest, the dog will object and have a go at the device causing the interruption for which the dog gets attention.

If you were to give your dog attention for not doing anything, then your dog might just decide to leave it alone as you can see in the photograph.

This dog has never done this before, she has never stayed calm whilst the vacuum is in use and her owner was simply amazed that her dog could actually do this.

Our dogs are amazing, we don't always give them the opportunity to be amazing, we rarely even let them try because we are usually more focused on stopping them doing things, we forget to praise them when they are being good.

There are so many things your dog will change if you can change.

If you are able to be more relaxed, your dog will be, if you praise more good, calm behaviour, your dog will give you more good, calm behaviour and this is true of the vast majority of dogs.

If your dog is doing things you don't want your dog to do, you can change this by changing you.

I can help you change you by helping you understand what motivates your dog, why your dog does the things they do, how to communicate that behaviour is unwanted and, most importantly, how and when to praise whilst leaving your dog calm and relaxed.

Happy, calm dog = happy, calm owner

Happy, calm owner = happy, calm dog.

rotweiller and vacuum cleaner.JPG