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My dog behaviour blog is all about dogs and owners I have helped and dog related items in the news.

Bring your puppy on our group dog behaviour walks.

There is plenty of time from eight weeks to 12 weeks for you to teach your puppy to walk nicely on a lead and how to behave around people but the opportunity to teach nice, calm socialisation has to wait until the vaccinations are complete and your puppy can enter the big wide world that has so much going on.

If you want your puppy to understand how to behave around other dogs and you want to understand how you can make your puppy feel safe and secure around other dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages then you need an environment that is safe and controlled for that to happen.

If your puppy only spends time with other puppies that might be setting standards of behaviour that are acceptable in the class environment but will not be acceptable in the wider world.

We would all like our dog to be well behaved and to come back when called and this starts as soon as your puppy can join us. Training the puppy is a lot easier than retraining an older dog so the time spent when they are young will prove invaluable in achieving your goal of a dog you can take anywhere and be proud of.

The puppy in the photograph is a 13 week old Miniature Pinscher called Loki who joined us last Saturday for his first group walk. He has had a home visit before he could join the walks to ensure Loki understands how to behave on the lead so he was all set for his biggest adventure to date.

Loki the miniature Pinscher

The day was a little cold and wet and Loki did have his coat on and he did really well during the hour long walk. We weren’t walking for the whole hour, there were plenty of stops as we explain how to del with certain behaviours and, of course, plenty of recall practice.

It is always interesting watching the dogs on the group dog behaviour walks and how they cope. We ask alot of them in the hour and they have to do a lot of thinking and learning. This tires the dog mentally and at the end of the walks you see some very tired dogs.

Loki was no excepetion and with about 10 minutes to go, we could see Loki was feeling overwhelmed so it was time for Loki to have a break so he walked the rest of the walk tucked warmly in his owners fluffy jacket where he could relax, warm up and process all that had happened.

Loki stayed in hos owners jacket whilst we enjoyed refreshments in the outside seating area of the pub so he was able to keep observing and learning.

Our group dog behaviour walks are open to everyone whatever breed or age of your dog and whatever the problem you are having with your dog.

Puppies are particularly welcome as we truly believe prevention is better than cure so if we get it right first, we are much better prepared and equipped to deal with our dogs as they grow and change with experience.

Our Saturday walks rotate over four different locations so you and your dog keep fresh and keep learning. If you would like to join our group dog behaviour walks, please get in touch. Please feel free to share this as others maybe looking for help with their dog or looking for a place to start their learning.

The groups are relaxed, friendly and welcoming for you and your dog and no matter how self conscious you might be over your dogs behaviour, o one will judge or criticize you, we are all here to help and the reasons our group dog behaviour walks started in the first place was to help owners of badly behaved dogs change their dogs behaviour. We look forward to helping you with your dog.