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How can a Husky puppy cause so much stress?

How can a Husky puppy cause so much stress? What is it about a puppy that seems to remove all sense and understanding and turns us into gibbering fans?

It is just that, they are small, incredibly cute and very cuddleable, if that is even a word but it works for me.

Only one week ago I visited a house in Loughborough where a Husky puppy lives and he was causing problems, in particular he was biting and getting increasingly angry when told off, he would stand his ground and argue.

It is never a good sign if a puppy feels the need to argue, it is an even worse sign that the puppy has the confidence to argue so clearly there was something out of place that was causing this level of frustration in such a young dog.

The family were struggling and were at a loss as nothing seemed to work and they had been given a great deal of advice, all very well meaning but nevertheless still confusing and often conflicting which left them even more stressed.

Clarity is essential when working with dogs and clear and consistent communication is needed but the biggest skill to learn is when to not speak and this can be very difficult as we all programmed to speak as our first response.

Controlling our own behaviour is a real challenge but when it is done and done consistently, we can get results that the family want and as you can see from the photograph, the puppy is certainly a great deal calmer.

Most importantly, the family now have the correct communication in place so the boundaries in which the puppy must learn to operate are much clearer.

Husky puppy IMG_7024.JPG

With an excitable dog or puppy keeping calm is very important otherwise the puppy will learn to be excited whenever they are around you and this can lead to a lot of unwanted behaviours as the puppy gets older and bolder.

I am going back in one month to help further as the puppy gros and changes, if I am needed before that, my client will let me know and the visit will be brought forward to ensure my client has the support she needs when she needs it.