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Group dog behaviour walks and why you should be on them

Our group dog behaviour walks are for owners od dogs with problems and owners of dogs who want to prevent problems. Your dog does not have to be badly behaved to be on our group walks.

However, many do have issues which are difficult to work with and trainers find their behaviour too disruptive to allow in their group sessions. My group sessions started because of that, I wanted dogs with problems to have somewhere to go where they can get help with their problems and their owners didn’t feel judged or embarrassed by their dogs behaviour. The walks have proved very popular for many years now and we keep them fresh by switching locations on a regular basis.

Dogs do behave when they are all walking in the same direction and this can be a great relief for their owners as they can get to enjoy a walk with their dog and learn to be relaxed.

This is the difficult part that people do strugle with, learning to be relaxed when your dog isn’t. It is very easy to add to your dogs stress whereas we need to remove the stress from the situation.

And we need to learn to praise our dogs when they are being good even if we are still annoyed with their last behaviour.

Learning to cope with a disruptive dog is difficult but it can be done if you are prepared to learn and be consistent with your new skills.

This photograph was taken on today’s group dog behaviour walk and we are testing the dogs by sitting in close proximity to other dogs and we are doing nothing. For a reactive dog, doing nothing is the hardest work they ever have to do and we slowly increase the time they are in close proximity so they learn to cope better and better.

The recall is also something we practice a great deal on the walks as the recall is the most important thing your dog ever has to do so the more practice we do, the better the dogs get at recall from distraction..

We encountered plenty of other dogs today which gave us plenty to work with and kept us all on our toes so it was a welcome break to have a few minutes sitting down.

We will be at another location next Wednesday and I will let you know where that will be on Tuesday and you will be very welcome with your dog.