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Group dog behaviour walks

I have blogged on my group dog behaviour walks before and I will do again because they are an amazing resource for people who are struggling with their dogs behaviour.

You need time around other dogs so you can learn how to behave yet no one will stay around you and your barking dog because they all have an opinion of you and your dogs behaviour and often let you know their opinion, which is always helpful and constructive, isn’t it?

When you encounter a dog off lead and its owner shouts across, it’s ok, he only wants to play, what that really means is I have no control over my dog at all but if yours reacts, then its your fault your dog isn’t as friendly as mine therefore you shouldn’t be out with it!

So you will want to avoid those dog owners who can see no wrong in their own behaviour or that of their dogs yet are quick to point out your own problems.

You can go to a secure field but you will be on your own with your dog which means you are not learning anything.

Your dog is probably too disruptive for normal dog training classes so where do you go?

You come to a Havers Group Dog Behaviour Walk where dogs are able to express themselves, realise they have nothing to worry about because you will learn to be relaxed and no one cares about the noise your dog is making because they are all working through their own issues with their own dogs.

There is no judgement or pressure! You and your dog are allowed to make mistakes because we learn from them and we progress because of them. If your dog does not cope near dogs or people then we insist your dog wears a muzzle so you can be more relaxed.

Our group dog behaviour walks are open to all ages and breeds of dogs whatever their problem we can help you and your dog overcome it, it might take some time but you will get there.

We use different locations so our walks are real life, nothing artificial or false just real life encounters and situations.

You will learn to cope with much more on my walks than you have to in real life so you will be far better placed to cope in real life once you have experienced my group dog behaviour walks.

All the info you need gets published on my Dog Behaviour the Havers Way Facebook page the day before the walks take place with the times and location published and you will be more than welcome!

taken on a recent group dog behaviour walk

taken on a recent group dog behaviour walk

The above image is a typical group dog behaviour walk with a mix of reactive and non reactive dogs learning to ignore each other and calm down so everyone can enjoy time out with their dogs.

See you soon on a walk!