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Ask for help, please!

Ok, I would like to discuss this with you. I just had this in from a client asking to reschedule an imminent appointment:

"Myself and my husband had a chat last night and said we have both changed our behaviour towards our dog in small ways which has definitely had an impact on his behaviour so we are going back to when you first visited. We know what we need to stop doing it's just hard to stick to it but this last week we have realised the impact it has on our dog and we want our calmer chilled dog back."

How many of you I have worked with have felt like this?

The first thing I said in response to this? Why haven't you messaged me? Why haven't we spoken about what you are struggling with?

I say to all of you after an appointment, if you have any questions please message me. How many of you actually take me up on my offer? Not very many.

Why not? I have offered my help to support you when you are working through your dogs issues by yourself so you can have the extra help, guidance and reminders you are going to need! There is no charge for this, there is no impact of this except you will get the advice you need to help you through the tough times.

You called me because you are having a tough time with your dog. I work with you during a visit and you see the difference in your dog when applying the changes you need to make and I make sure you understand it will be difficult, it will be hard so if you have any questions please call, text, email or message me through Facebook.

You have all heard me say that to you right?

Then please accept my offer, please do ask me questions when you are uncertain or struggling to remember what to do because it often takes a quick reminder and you will be back on track.

My knowledge is there for you to use, there to be accessed whenever you need to because you will need to!

You are learning a new and different approach and we all take time to learn new skills and it is difficult to change our own behaviour. You will need help and support which is why I offer it and I then wait to see who actually will ping me a message asking for further explanation or just asking me to repeat what I said.

We all learn through repetition and we need to hear things repeated several times before they become part of our learning.

You all have paid access to my knowledge through home visits and my group dog behaviour walks and you all have free access to that same knowledge so please, please feel free to ask the question, whatever the question because if you have a question, then you need an answer because if you don't ask the question, you can't get the answer and then you are stuck.

I believe this is true of many of you, that you become stuck and are worried to ask a question and then things start to revert to the way they were and you believe that nothing will work.

It will work if you stick to it and if you ask me questions when you need the answers. Messaging me through my dog behaviour Facebook page is the fastest way to get an answer because I can always answer, except when I am driving and when I am asleep.

I don't answer anything when I am driving for safety reasons and when I am asleep, not a lot wakes me, apart from that my phone is always with me and I do not find answering a Facebook message intrusive.

So, I will ask you again as I close this post off for now, do feel free to comment and ask any questions, to please feel confident that you can ask me questions about your dog because I want to help you have the dog you want, whatever it takes.

Thank you for reading all of this, if you have got this far! You are my client and I want you to succeed and you have my full support in your goals to have the dog you want.

I look forward to hearing from you!