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My dog behaviour blog is all about dogs and owners I have helped and dog related items in the news.

Helpful tips for you

Apparently social media works best when you use it! This applies both ways and following my Facebook posts I have started to add a regular post with a useful tip so we are all sharing information that is useful and helps solve problems.

These tips will help jog your memory and remind you of the conversations we have had and what was said. We all learn through repetition but sometimes we haven’t heard or done something enough for it to become ingrained. Several home visits are needed for this to happen or regular attendance on my group walks because you then get to hear the repetition which will help you fix what you need to do.

But if you stop home visits and stop coming on the group walks then you are more likely to regress and all the old behaviours you have worked so hard to change in yourself and your dog will resurface, you will get disappointed and frustrated that you have let the hard work go.

Social media is a very good means of non intrusive communication that is really effective at maintaining a flow of information that you will need to keep learning.

The first thing to slip will be eye contact, the second thing to slip will be praise for good behaviour without looking and from there the spiral continues downwards. This is human nature, this is the reality. Without practice we revert. It does take effort and determination for a new behaviour to become normal and you will need help and support to achieve that.

So, when you are left to your own devices and things are starting to slip, just get in touch via Havers Dog Behaviour and restart the conversation that will remind you what needs to be done, you will be refreshed, reinvigorated and motivated as well as reminded.

Our conversations can then continue as often as you need them to and when ever you need them so you feel supported and helped.

This is my promise to you but all I need from you is the contact, the message, the request for help and you will get exactly what is needed to get you back on track.