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What am I doing wrong?

This is a question I get asked a great deal and it is a question I ask myself a great deal.

This is a very interesting question and when I get asked it, I am always happy to apply my 26 years experience of understanding human behaviour in relation to dogs and explain how our behaviour creates and affects our dogs behaviour and how we can change.

The biggest part of this is when I ask myself the question, what am I doing wrong?

I am sure of my knowledge and I am sure my teaching method is acceptable giving information without being too preachy! If that is not the case then please let me know.

It is all about making sure you have the best experience with the best learning and giving value for money and these elements are at the forefront of your experience when you book me to help you.

You can only do something wrong if you know what you are doing is wrong, if you are trying your best with the information you are given then you have still tried your best, even if you are not getting the results you want.

True change can occur when you apply different information that may seem to be at odds with the other information you have read and what could be deemed generic information but it isn’t getting through to your dog what you want.

Learning is a continuous process, in your professional life you are getting updates and courses to keep your skill set up to date so you can do your best and learning about your dog is also a process that you need to keep learning on and applying what you learn.

Living with dogs can be difficult and confusing and sense can be hard to find but you need to find a solution that makes sense to you and your dog and that you can stick to. Nothing can be truly changed quickly, it takes time and repetition for learning to become permanent for both you and your dog so patience is the key.

An element of trust is needed when you are learning something new, believing what you are advised to do can be difficult especially if it goes against what you think you should do or what you have read or been advised to do.

You need time to learn, so does your dog and you both learn best when you are calm and relaxed, you don’t need to be the most exciting thing on the park for your dog to come away from other dogs.

I will leave these thoughts with you and I will also point you to this page on my web site where you can freely express yourselves client satisfaction survey