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Bananarama and the Fun Boy Three

Have you heard of Bananarama? You might have. Have you heard of the Fun Boy Three? Bananarama is an all girl pop band who started in 1981 and are still going. I’ll let you search them and find out what songs they hat hits with and see if you remember them.

The Fun Boy Three were a new wave/pop band formed in 1981 and split up in 1983. They formed after the Specials split in 1981.

If you have had a home visit with me, you may well know what I am talking about, if you haven’t, then you will have to book a home visit to find out! Only kidding but when I tell you the relevance of these two bands it will all make complete sense in relation to dog behaviour and also to your own behaviour.

There are many ways to do many things and the method chosen will determine the outcome.

However, there has to be a defined process because dogs are very process driven and are experts at spotting patterns. Dogs find the easiest patterns to spot are our own as we are very routine driven, we are very predictable especially in our reactions and our dogs learn to recognise these patterns in our behaviour and how to manipulate them to get the attention they have learned will follow.

The more frequently these patterns are repeated, the more convinced your dog becomes they are in control of your attention. Some dogs will then test your reactions by doing something apparently at random to see how you react.

If you react in the usual way, what your dog has done has been made worthwhile because you reacted with attention. This is how your dog can become increasingly badly behaved and also why the behaviour is escalating.

Your dog can and sometimes will continue the pattern of testing until you can no longer cope because the dog has become impossible to live with.

Yet, and this is a factor often overlooked, if the dog is rehomed and the new family behave differently to you, the dog will also behave differently and may never repeat the behaviours that were so difficult to live with.

Is there such a thing as being incompatible with your dog? Yes there is. Is it a permanent problem? Yes it can be. Can it be changed? Yes it can, the degrees do vary depending on the dog and owner.

What is the most difficult part of the process?

Changing our behaviour can be very difficult, stopping some of the things we do or changing how we do them can be difficult because we are used to doing what we want to do with our dog.

Sometimes, your dog does not want you to do what you want to do, sometimes your dog just wants to relax and chill out. We can interpret this as the dog being bored and we then feel compelled to entertain and excite the dog so we believe they are having fun.

This can be the case as dogs do enjoy interacting with us but it can become too much for them to cope with yet this can be difficult for us to spot, this can be a difficult thing for us to accept and even more difficult to change.

Change is the most important word here because with some dogs the only way they can change is if we do. If we change, our dog has a good reason to change.

If we don’t or won’t change then our dog has no reason to change so we will at some point have to change the dog.

Your dog loves you and wants to be with you but it can be our own behaviour and insisting we do the things we want to do that can be our own undoing. No one can do this for you, there is no where to hide and this can be a difficult prospect for many dog owners. It can be a very difficult thing to accept responsibility and realise that you may have inadvertently taught your dog to behave so badly that you cannot walk them, can’t let them off the lead, can’t live with them because they are destructive or because they incessantly bark.

So what is the reference to Bananarama and the Fun Boy Three?

In 1982 they combined to record a song called It Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It (And That’s What Gets Results).

It is a quote I use a lot because it is so appropriate to how I teach you how to behave.

If you are wondering what the song sounds like, this is a link to YouTube where you can see the video to the song and the delightful 1982 fashion. I hope you enjoy!