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A quiet Schnauzer!

I went back to Syston to work with Mollie the Standard Schnauzer and Millie the Miniature Schnauzers. You will remember Mollie was a nervous barker who had broken an internal door in her desperation to get to the front door.

That was two weeks ago and there is such a difference, she is so much calmer, so much more relaxed as you can see from the photographs and much more confident around visitors.

These changes were achieved with two, one hour visits and this is quite an eye opener because Mollie has been sent away for training before and this cost over £1000.00 and it didn't have the lasting effect that my client was looking for.

Our dogs work best with us and for us and all training and behaviour work should ideally include you but should also be done by you.

No one can truly change your dogs behaviour except you and your family. Your dog will behave differently for people they don't know so anyone can get a very quick change in your dog but for you it will take longer.

Not always as long as it feels like and often your dog is looking for a viable alternative to the current situation, your dog does not want to be stressed and barking at everything and Mollie certainly did not!

Just two weeks and two visits and I have been let go because my client feels confident that what they are doing is working and will keep working as long as they keep doing it!

They also know I am only a phone call away should they need any further help.

Change is not easy but it is necessary if you are to change your dogs behaviour for the long term, you will have to change what you are currently doing.

This can be difficult if every dog you have previously had caused you no issues yet your current dog is driving you mad and nothing you do has any affect, even though it worked with your previous dogs.

You will need help and I can and will help you, just give me a call or drop me a message.