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Naughty dogs

I was in Shepshed on Tuesday working with a German Shepherd and a smaller dog who were barking and nipping to compete for and to control attention.

When you walk into a house, the dogs have an expectation of how they are going to behave and within a certain timeframe of your arrival.

They also expect you to follow a certain routine to which they will know when and how to interrupt to get your attention.

A large, barking German shepherd can be quite a lot to contend with for a visitor when they come to your house, especially if they are not used to dogs.

Dogs that also jump up at visitors can also be a nuisance, especially if they are big dogs but if your dog is allowed to jump up at you when you come home, why shouldn't they jump up your visitors?

It is all about what they are allowed to do and where they are allowed to do it.

When you have two dogs, which dog gets the most attention? The dog that is misbehaving and this can cause the other dog to compete which can lead to arguments between the dogs, even fighting!

When dogs bark at people walking pas the house, how do you deal with it? Probably by using their name in some form of instruction, a verbal interaction that can reinforce the very behaviour you are trying to stop.

Can you control yourself enough to change your behaviour?

Can you start praising your dog for doing nothing?

Of course you can because that sounds so simple right?

It is until you try to do it!

If it was that simple I would be out of work, the fact I am busy suggests people need help in dealing with dog behaviour they deem difficult and problematic.

You will need help and support to change and you will get that from me. I have a client in Great Bowden near Market Harborough who email me every day with questions and every day they get a detailed reply so in between visits the progress is maintained.