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My dog behaviour blog is all about dogs and owners I have helped and dog related items in the news.

Soemtimes the right equipment helps too!

Sometimes the right equipment helps too!

I was in Loughborough last Friday working with an eight month old Siberian Husky who is getting a bit big for his boots and was protesting at having to do as he was told, especially on a walk.

There are certain parts of the walk where he was really kicking off, he was getting the halti off and getting out of his harness which meant he had to be physically restrained whilst the halti and harness were put back on and it was during this argument he would get particularly stressed and he would lash out, enough to bruise his owner.

The last thing you want to be getting into is an argument with your dog because it can get out of control very quickly.

Because the dog knew he could get out of his equipment, the owner was getting nervous and anxious when walking him, which the dog of course picked up on and became even more worried.

If nothing changed then the behaviour and the incidents would get worse.

My work is teaching the owner to be calm and in control in as many different situations as possible so the dog can remain calm.

I work with many clients who have anxiety issues and we develop strategies to help them cope with their dog and this is different for each client.

Anxiety is not helped if my client is worried about their dogs behaviour and if they can control their dog when out on a walk.

Asking them to relax is fine, but becoming relaxed is very difficult for them if they do not feel in control.

I discussed a particular type of lead with my client and explained how it works, how it will change how the dog thinks it can behave and how it is very difficult for the dog to manipulate his way out of it.

My client was skeptical but went ahead and bought one.

Putting into practice what I had taught along with the new lead led to these comments:

"Three walks today!!! He tried his luck twice on this walk but other than that it’s like walking a different dog! Did two of the big problem points today and no messing in new estate and he didn’t go crazy at the geese at Charnwood Water, mum tried it for a bit this morning and was amazed at how much of a difference it’s made! Life changing! 😁😁"