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Fear of failure

On Friday I was in Swannington, Leicestershire which is between Coalville, Leicester and Ashby de la Zouch and I was working with a Red fox labrador and a Chocolate Labradors called Bella and Sammy.

The two dogs had become so badly behaved the owners could not take them out of the house for a walk. Just read that again and take in just how much that would affect your life.

Your dogs were so badly behaved you could not take them for a walk. I will share with you some of the emotions that generates in the owners.

Embarrassment, discomfort, pain both physical and emotional, stress, anxiety which is turning into fear. The fear of what might happen. What if they actually bite a person, what if they get loose from the lead, what if a child runs up to them. These are very real fears and concerns.

From where do these fears and concerns come form? What is their root cause?

No one is in control and the dogs know it.

Are Bella and Sammy bad or nasty dogs? No.

Are Bella and Sammy aggressive dogs? No.

Are Bella and Sammy a risk to people? No.

So what is making them so badly behaved?

Confusion, from which comes frustration which is caused by well meaning owners who do what we as people think we should do to respond to these unwanted behaviours which is actually making them worse.

It is then a question of who is the most confused and who is the most frustrated and I don't think there is much to choose between the dogs and the owners.

I spent just over two hours with the four of them on Friday the 9th August and we had very frank and open discussions about how their dogs were reacting to their behaviour.

The dogs responded beautifully and were happy to show the nice, calm and relaxed side to their characters and they were a genuine delight to be around. They do bounce of each other and each dog will take it in turns to test behaviour and reactions and it is a delight to watch these interactions and explain them to the owners and by doing this I completely changed their perception of their own dogs, for the better!

I what is a first for me, my clients suggested we set up our own WhatsApp group so they and I can share information as the training progresses and everyone can see the conversations as they happen and they can get quick replies to their questions that are easy to track and find.

This update came through in the evening of the 9th August:
"Don’t know if it was a coincidence, but following your advice of calming the girls when getting up to them and walking away on numerous occasions, once they got it and I got in to them, to give them breakfast, it was the calmest I’ve ever seen them eat, it was chewed rather than gulped."

Followed by this:
"Just wanted to say thank you and I can't believe the difference 24 hours has made. Heidi tried the leads this morning and it wasn't successful but when she tried again this afternoon the girls worked it out and got the back door open without any noise. 🤩".

You don't need to struggle with your dogs behaviour but you do need to address the whole, you can't achieve what you want by only addressing one part of the problem and if you are not trained how to behave, your dog will never truly change his or her behaviour.

If you are prepared to do the work, you will have dogs you can be proud of and you won't have to carry pockets full of treats because you will understand your dog and they will understand what you want them to do.

If you would like me to help you with your dog, just comment on this post and we will have a conversation.

Bella and Sammy

Bella and Sammy