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A first time dog owner with a sports car type of dog

This is a great story to tell you because I met Zach when he was about 6 months old. He is a #BelgianshepherdMalanois and he is a handful. His owners have never had a dog before either so there have been some steep learning curves for both! They live in #Loughborough

Learning a new skill takes time, patience and repetition and Zachs family have had to have plenty of patience because they have been tested and tested again.

It is an immense privilege to be helping the family learn to drive Zach and to see where he is now compared to a year ago is so immensely satisfying for me and the family!

We have regular visits to ensure everything is on track and to keep improving their skills because the more Zach learns, we have to keep one step ahead so our rules and boundaries are all maintained so Zach always knows what is required of him.

Teaching dog owners about their dog never stops because you and your dog never stop learning and your dog never stops testing and looking for advantage. Certainly, the levels of challenge vary considerably but dogs like Zach never stop and that is what makes them such fun to work with.

I have been working with dog owners and their dogs for 26 years helping owners stay one step ahead of their dog so their dog is happy to be well behaved and under control, wherever the owners decide to take their dog!

If you feel that your dog is one step ahead of you and this is causing you stress, let's have a conversation and see what we can do together to put you back in the driving seat!

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