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German shepherd dogs who are learning to get along together again

I was back in Sutton Coldfield working with the two female #Germanshepherds who could not be in the same room as each other to see how they were getting on and to progress them further.

The second visit is always an interesting one as you can see very quickly what progress has been made and there had been a lot of progress made.

This is also good news because it means I can progress things and continue to help change their behaviour towards each other and we were able to do just that.

Not every one is on social media and not everyone likes social media which is why there are rarely owners on my photographs but in this case it was difficult to exclude the owner from the photo because it shows how much the dogs have come on and how much more relaxed they are together so I have covered the owners face but you can see how happy the dogs are!

Balance between dogs can be difficult to achieve and it takes effort and practice but when the effort is put in and is continued to be out in, this is what can be achieved.

There is still work to be done to convince both dogs this is how they behave most of the time and we will continue that in our next visit.

The owners are very happy because this is how the dogs used to be. Now, if this is how the dogs used to be, what happened to change them?

An event that made the owners give one dog more attention than the other. It doesn't matter what the event was, what matters is that event shifted the balance and created the competition between the dogs that was getting out of control.

It is usually our behaviour and changes in our behaviour that cause rifts between our dogs. If we can recognise that and then change our behaviour, our dogs will revert to the behaviour they used to be able to give you.

It is all about our behaviour.

two well behaved German shepherds-7673.jpg