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A group dog walk in Sutton park

Last Saturday saw us travel for a group dog behaviour walk, something I have always been happy to do.

In this case I was at Sutton Park NNR in Sutton Coldfield on Saturday afternoon. What was going on, how did this happen?

Very simply, I have a client with two dogs who need to learn to behave with other dogs so she had a chat with friends of hers and got a group of six owners and their dogs together and we all met up at Sutton Park for an hour on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

I don't know if you have ever been to Sutton park, it was my first visit and it is a lovely place with a lot of dog walkers with dogs off lead so it provides a great deal of distraction and things to work with.

We had reactive dogs, we had dogs who were thought to be aggressive, we had dogs that would not come back when off the lead and dogs who would not behave on the lead.

To meet new people and their dogs in a new environment should be a challenge but it is really no different because I encounter the same uncertainties in the people that are transferred to their dogs, it is the same wherever you are so resolving the dogs issues always starts with the people.

Putting people at ease as you explain their behaviour is a challenge and something I am always trying to get better at so I can make learning the new skills required to change their dogs behaviour fun and interesting.

The hour flew by and all of the dogs improved, we have arranged further group go behaviour walks in Sutton Park, if you would like to know when, please either comment on this post or send me a message.

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