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A grumpy 7 year old Border Collie

I was in Moira, Leicestershire working with a 7 year old Border Collie who behaviour was becoming increasingly worrying for his owner. He was getting grumpy, he was getting nippy and she was worried he might bite someone.

He growls when he is being stroked and will also snap at the person stroking him.

What do you make if that?

He also dislikes people in hoodies and he dislikes men. He got scared when he was a puppy out on a walk and didn't come home all night. He is a troubled soul.


The reasons are many, because he has always been the apple of his human mummies eye, because he is a Border Collie and because he is not coping. He is seriously not coping.

He is not able to cope with the burden of responsibility he has been placed under, the responsibility to try and be in control because no one else is, the responsibility of having his requests for help ignored because they are too subtle to see so he lacks trust in his humans to take the responsibility of being in charge.

He is not coping with having to be continually active just to get attention, from our meeting he is a dog who is desperate to be relaxed and calm, especially when all around him is not calm and relaxed, he lives in a busy house.

His human mummy is determined to play with him making him fetch balls for long periods, none of this is helping him be the calm and relaxed dog he wants to be.

Watching his owners face as I explained this was difficult. She loves the dog to bits and he is her world and she thought she was making him happy but recently she has realised he is far from happy and she finds this very upsetting.

Our dogs all have different need and they are all individuals and when we get a dog that is is different to any we have had before it can be very difficult to cope. This is when you need help to understand what you must to to adapt your life and your behaviour so your dog can have a happy and calm life with you.

It can be the toughest thing to do, to stop the things we think our dog enjoy because we enjoy them more.

It can be difficult to out our dogs need before ours and to be willing to work hard and change our own behaviour but your dog will be so much happier for it and you will be so much more relaxed because of the changes you are going to make.

Most dogs can be taught to live in their current environment, but it will take effort and hard work from you.

You will be very well rewarded with a far deeper and much more enjoyable relationship with your dog.

grumpy 7 year old Border Collie lying down.JPG