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Walking on a lead nicely and getting into the car!

I was back in Woodhall Spa in the lovely county of Lincolnshireworking with two black Labradors one of which refused to jump into the car and appeared to be scared to do so. 

There had been lots of attempts to persuade with treats and attention but nothing had worked until we broke it down into small and achievable steps and we had success.

Since my last visit, there has been much work done and she is now far happier and more willing to jump in, there was a bit of refinement to do just to ensure she jumped in every time but that was soon accomplished.

The other issue was lead behaviour which is why I am showing you this photo and before you ask, they are not looking for a treat, they are looking at the owner because they are not sure what to do.

We have changed the departure routine so excitement and competition are no longer part of it, instead we have made them think about what they are doing and this has drained of a lot of their stress which has made them much calmer.

We went for a walk to work on lead behaviour and the recall and again by making a few changes, the lead walking was much better and I put into place the required changes to the recall and we could see improvement there as well.

Whilst out on the walk, we caught up with the other owner and he was in a car the dogs don't go out in so we tested our work and asked the dogs to get in the back of a two door car.

The younger dog was scared and reluctant but she soon got the hang of it because she was allowed time to solve the problem.

More happy owners and more relaxed dogs enjoying their life together, that is what I do and that is what my work is all about. Let me know if I can help you.

two black labradors waiting to go for a walk.JPG