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Behaving like a Beagle

I was back in Rothwell, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom working with the Beagle but this time without the chickens as they were in bed by the time I got there.

The plan was to go out for a walk to try and address the pulling on the lead, so we didn't go straight out.

If you always do the same thing, you will always get the same results so you have to be prepared to change.

If you think the dog must have a walk regardless of their behaviour, your dog will never change.

Some people believe they have to go out of the house first or go through a door first because if a dog does so the dog is dominant.

I can see why you might think this but it is not always the case.

Your dog pulls you out of the house because you have not taught it to leave calmly. If you take a bit of time, you can teach your dog new behaviours, it is really worth trying!

I spent a bit of time at the front door letting the dog go out and coming back in. I did this for several minutes and the dogs behaviour and energy levels changed considerably as she learned it was an option to be calm at the point of departure.

This had a dramatic effect on her behaviour for the whole of the walk, we had loose lead walking, we even had a couple of successful recalls!

She gets very excited when she sees dogs and people so we worked on helping her stay calm by staying away from people so they couldn't reach down and fuss her and over excite her and we did the same thing with other dogs.

Be careful what expectations you set when your dog is a puppy and they may become something you later have to undo and it is more difficult to undo that to do.

When you reset expectations both in dogs and in people then you are well placed to achieve the change you want, the dog is always willing to accept change, this can and does depend on the confidence in the owner and the trust they have in their dog.

Set your first step with confidence and maintain the appearance of confidence and your dog will believe you but you might have to prove that repeatedly for quite a while before your dog has complete faith in you and trust is restored.

Beagles have a whole folklore around them regarding their behaviour, they are a dog and they will only do what they are allowed to do if they are taught how to behave.

Beagle waiting to go for a walk.

Beagle waiting to go for a walk.