A well behaved Border Collie in the workplace.

A well behaved Border Collie in the workplace.


Bring Your Dog To Work Consultancy.

If you are considering letting your employees bring their dogs into the work place, or you already have got dogs in the workplace you might be wondering how you can ensure the needs of the dogs are fully met and that the dogs will behave in an appropriate manner.

You nay have already purchased my comprehensive guide on bringing dogs into the work place but if you are visiting this page to learn more about it, then please follow this link where you can purchase the employers guide to having dogs in the work place


So what does my consultancy cover and what will you benefit from learning?

I don't want to repeat the contents of the guide here but the essentials are as follows:

The matters of where the dogs are going to liv whilst they are at work, how will the dogs cope with visiting clients or prospects, where will the dogs toilet and exercise, how to ensure a calm and peaceful working environment, will the dogs be contained or loose in the office?

There are many more aspects my consultancy covers but every workplace is unique and offers different challenges and issues to be overcome.

The best way forward is to speak first, either in person or on the phone so I may get a clear understanding of your specific requirements and needs, what dogs you are bringing in, what breeds or mix of breeds, what size, how many, your work space design and layout, proximity of exits and toilet areas and many other factors.

In the first instance, if you would like a telephone conversation or would like to meet at your workplace please call 01530 242209 or email info@haversdogbehaviour.co.uk. You are assured of our best service.