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Hi Steve, just back from holiday and wanted to give you an update. We have been eating out with our friends dog and Ursula most evenings we’ve instilled into Ursula the routine you have kindly schooled us in. We always take a blanket and her toy and very quickly she understands we’re not letting her have free rein and she settles down. Throughout our trip she had been remarkable in every way - the 6 hour car journeys, behaviour with other dogs and people, around restaurants and even with us! She has impressed us so much with her gentle character and, if it were possible, we love her ways even more than before.

You’ve taught us such a lot about Ursula and I’m sure there’s plenty more to learn. For now we’re not going to set another meeting but instead see how we go using the disciplines you have instilled in us. We’ll continue to keep you posted and will remain forever grateful for your advice.

Until next time.

Best wishes
— Bill & Emma, Rothley, Leicester

Our beautiful Romanian rescue dog Cooper came to live with us in September, age 2. He was amazing at first but after about a month started to display many behavioural issues, such as aggression towards dogs and even occasionally towards family members. we called Steve and I’m so glad we did. After 3 home sessions and several group walks we see such a huge improvement. Cooper is calm, relaxed around the house (most of the time), is extremely good with my children, and is improving with recall. I’m so glad we adopted him, and I can’t recommend Steve highly enough. Cooper loves the group walks and I’m sure we’ll be attending them for a long time, just because they’re so helpful and enjoyable.
— Imelda Black, Coalville, Leicestershire.

Excuse my pre-amble, but there is a point to this story and recommendation.

It doesn’t matter where you are, Steve IS going to help you.

I’ve known Steve for a number of years now. He’s always been there with quick answers and recommendations. Then I moved to Canada in 2016 and while I followed Steve on social media, I pretty much fell of the face of the earth.

We decided to get a 4th rescue collie, Jax (he was 12 months old when we got him in 2017). We’d brought our other 3 dogs from the UK, so a 4th would be no problem right……………………….. Everything was find until someone came in to the house unexpectedly (but was someone we knew). I wasn’t in sight and Jax decided to bite his ankle. He drew blood and left quite a mark and do believe it was more out of fear than an attack.

Thankfully, our visitor was very understanding, but we were mortified as if he’s have complained, Jax would have been put to sleep. Unfortunately, it then happened 3 more times over the following months. I thought we had it sorted, but we didn’t so it was time to reach out to Steve.

He responded very quickly (considering the time difference) and suggested a video chat. Steve has a very distinctive style of teaching, and yes, it’s us that’s training, not our furry friends. There was much head nodding, realisation and note taking.

What makes it worse for me is that Steve was kind enough to let me accompany him for nearly a year to learn from him. That made me feel like more of an idiot (but know that wasn’t his intention).

We swiftly put a plan in to action, and while it’s an ongoing effort, we have had no further incidents.

I can’t recommend Steve highly enough. If you have ever thought that you need help, but can’t, don’t want to or don’t think you can ask for help, speak to Steve. If you want to talk to someone that has years of experience and has pretty much seen it all, speak to Steve, even if you are the other side of the world.

It doesn’t matter where you are, Steve IS going to help you. Just make sure you put the kettle on when he comes to see you………………..
— CJ Spice, Canada

We met Steven last week to help us with our boisterous Irish setter. He was extremely helpful and has helped us to understand the world from Rufus’ point of view. We highly recommend his services.
— Anna and Steve, Long Whatton, Leicestershire

We have known Steve for a few years now and he worked wonders with our last rottie, who had been badly treated with her previous owners- she had serious issues with people and other dogs and with a lot of patience and persistence Steve helped us help her to chill out and not see everyone and every dog as a threat. We now have another rottie puppy who is 6 months old and Steve is helping us teach her some manners, along with recall and walking on the lead nicely. I would certainly recommend his services to anyone who needs a hand training their best friend.
— — Serena Tyres, Whitwick, Leicestershire.

Since starting training with Steven a year ago my dog has come on leaps and bounds, he’s still quite reactive but he’s learning to be relaxed when meeting other dogs, or should I say Im learning to be more relaxed! The training sessions that I attend on a Monday evening for a training walk are really good too as I can learn to deal with things that I would come across when walking my dog on my own. I would highly recommend attending these classes as they really help and put you and your dog to the test but help you to deal with different situations!
— Abbie Carter, Coalville, Leicestershire

Both my dogs have done well with Steve. Especially my older one. (and I have learned loads too)
— Vicky Ross, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire

Been attending Havers dog behaviour for awhile now, and he definitely knows his stuff. I find him very approachable and talks a lot of sense. I went to his with a dog I could no longer walk with big issues, I can now happily walk him, I even race with him. The change in his life and our is amazing and Mr havers has definitely had a lot to do with the changes :) thank you
— Kate Pearce, Whitwick, Leicestershire

Without doubt one of the best decisions we made was turning to Steven for help with our rescue Dougie. Home visits and classes really helped but the week we spent with Steven had by far the biggest impact we could of hoped for. 6 months on and our walks and our life with Dougie is so much better. Still work to do, we know with Steven’s ongoing support we can achieve what we once thought impossible. Thank you.
— Kelly Sharpe, Leicester