group dog walks

What is a group dog walk? Why will a group dog behaviour walk help? 

Where does your dog behave the worst? In the house, in the garden or on a walk?

The place where our dogs behaviour affects us the most is out on a walk and this is where a dog behaviourist needs to know what to do, especially with reactive, noisy dogs. We can put up with many unwanted behaviours in the house or in the garden but out on a walk we are in full view of the rest of the world and therefore under pressure! When we are under pressure, we get tense, nervous, anxious and worried and we then pass all of these feelings on to our dog! The result is everything goes wrong!

You become less inclined to take our dog for a walk when other people and dogs are about because of what they will think of you and your dog but nothing changes your dogs behaviour. One home visit won't completely change your dogs behaviour so you need to work on the  dogs behaviour on a group walk. They way I work means we will be able to resolve the problem by addressing the whole issue which is why I always start with a Home Visit.

But after the home visit you are going to take your dog for a walk and he will still be a little reactive because one home visit can't change everything in one session so you need chance to practice and to be around other dogs and a group dog behaviour walk can be the answer.

But that is the problem which is why my dog behaviour group dog walks are the answer as I will take a group of reactive dogs and their worried, anxious, nervous owners and teach you all how to relax. Because I address and work with the whole picture I  get you the results you want!

By working with other people with similar problems, you are not being judged, commented on or shouted at during your dog behaviour group dog walk. You are in locations with lots of space and you have the time to learn at your pace with your dog. We are in real life, outdoor locations because working indoors or on a training field are ok but they are not real life environments so they are not helping you learn the skills you need to be in the real world with your dog. My dog behaviour group dog walks will help you achieve your goals of a calm, well behaved dog you can take anywhere.

My dog behaviour group walks last one hour.

Just one hour so you have a defined time frame in which you can work. This means you know the start and the end so there is less pressure on you and your dog. You are welcome to stay for additional walks when you are ready!

I use locations for my dog behaviour group walks that offer plenty of space so we can stay at the right distance from other dogs so you remain comfortable and relaxed, because your dog can be comfortable and relaxed as well.

My dog behaviour group walks focus on three core principles:

  1. For your dog to walk on a slack lead.
  2. For your dog to remain calm whatever the distraction.
  3. for your dog to come back when called, regardless of distraction

If  your dog will do these three things, you have a dog that is under full control whatever the situation. That is a dog you can be proud of and you are an example of a good dog owner.

It requires a different approach to achieve these three core principles so if your goal is to have your dog be calm and very well behaved and you are prepared to work hard then call 01530 242209 now and lets get started. You will have my dedicated support through the whole journey and that is my promise to you. The locations of my dog behaviour group walks are published on my Facebook page so check on there for the locations and other news.

My mission is to help you and your dog live a happy life together without being dependent on a bag of treats. You are probably asking why I don't use treats as a dog behaviourist as all dog training seems to depend on treats? Dog trainers are usually teaching obedience so they use treats, as a Human behaviourist, I am teaching you and your dog to be calm and well behaved. When is a dog ever calm for a treat? If you reward with treats you are still rewarding excitement. These are not the things a well behaved dog gets rewarded for , a well behaved dog who has worked with me is a calm, well balanced and well behaved dog who can cope with whatever life throws at them because I have taught you how to behave. Dog behaviourist or Human behaviourist? Call 01530 242209 now and lets get started!

I look forward to meeting you! I am in Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9RJ.