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Group dog behaviour walks

Group dog behaviour walks

20th July 2019

On Saturday 20th July we will meet at the Man Within Compass pub, Loughborough Rd, Whitwick LE67 5AS for two group dog behaviour walks starting at 09.30 and 10.45. Each walk lasts an hour and will teach you a great deal about your dog, their behaviour and how you create and control that behaviour. We will help you learn to have a loose lead when walking your dog, to be well behaved and relaxed around other dogs so your dog can be and we will teach you how to teach a very good recall, regardless of distraction.

You are welcome to come along with your dog, even if I haven’t met you before. All ages of dogs are welcome, whatever their behaviour. If they are very reactive, they will have to wear a muzzle as this will allow you to be more relaxed when around other dogs and people. Our group dog behaviour walks will be great fun in a group of like minded people who will not mind your dog being disruptive, that is just the distraction they like to work their dogs with.

17th July 2019

On Wednesday 17th July we will meet at Hill Hole nature reserve, Hill Lane, Markfield LE67 9NP at midday for a group dog behaviour walk. This is a lovely place to walk and learn, you and your dog will find it both stimulating and challenging and you will both learn a great deal about walking your dog on a lead, how to deal with approaching dogs both on and off lead and we will work on your recall.

All ages of dogs are welcome, whatever their behaviour. If they are very reactive, they will have to wear a muzzle as this will allow you to be more relaxed when around other dogs and people.

13th July 2019

On Saturday 13th July we will be walking from the Plough Inn, Burroughs Road, Ratby LE6 0XZ starting at 09.30 and 10.45 with each walk lasting an hour and we will be venturing into lesser known territory so we can keep the dogs working hard on their good behaviour and keep you working hard praising their good behaviour.

All levels of behaviour are taught on these walks, walking on a loose lead, coming back when called and being well behaved around people and other dogs. You also learn how to deal with off lead dogs approaching your dog and what to do if the dogs start to get aggressive. You will learn so much!

10th July 2019

Our next group dog behaviour walk is on Wednesday 10th July at noon and we will be exploring Sence Valley country park, 14 Ravenstone Rd, Ibstock LE67 6NW and we will meet in the bottom car park. There is always a lot going on at Sence Valley so it will be full of stimulation and distraction. See you there!

 2nd July 2019.

Good morning, our midweek group dog behaviour group walk is happening tomorrow at midday and we will have a lovely walk around Thornton reservoir, and I do mean all the way around it. It takes just about an hour and is a great test as there is always a lot going on to distract our dogs, walkers, joggers, cyclists and wildlife so it is a really good place to learn. What will you learn?

To walk with a loose lead so your dog isn’t pulling, this does require a change of thinking from what you might want to do is response to your dog pulling on the lead but you will make a difference. How your dog greets other dogs is also important, your dog needs to have good manners and know how to greet other dogs calmly and nicely and they do need to be shown how to do this properly so you reduce the risk of escalation and possible conflict, no one wants dogs arguing because we get it wrong! There is so much you can do to help your dog behave better!

The address is :

Thornton reservoir, reservoir road, Thornton and we are meeting at midday and the walk will take about an hour, the route is flat and on good surfaces with a good mix of open area and shade. Please meet me in the car park ready for a noon departure