Messages from happy dog owners

We have known Steve for a few years now and he worked wonders with our last rottie, who had been badly treated with her previous owners- she had serious issues with people and other dogs and with a lot of patience and persistence Steve helped us help her to chill out and not see everyone and every dog as a threat. We now have another rottie puppy who is 6 months old and Steve is helping us teach her some manners, along with recall and walking on the lead nicely. I would certainly recommend his services to anyone who needs a hand training their best friend.
— Serena Tyres, Whitwick, Leicestershire.
Since starting training with Steven a year ago my dog has come on leaps and bounds, he’s still quite reactive but he’s learning to be relaxed when meeting other dogs, or should I say Im learning to be more relaxed! The training sessions that I attend on a Monday evening for a training walk are really good too as I can learn to deal with things that I would come across when walking my dog on my own. I would highly recommend attending these classes as they really help and put you and your dog to the test but help you to deal with different situations!
— Abbie Carter, Coalville, Leicestershire
Both my dogs have done well with Steve. Especially my older one. (and I have learned loads too)
— Vicky Ross, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire
Been attending havers dog behaviour for awhile now, and he definitely knows his stuff. I find him very approachable and talks a lot of sense. I went to his with a dog I could no longer walk with big issues, I can now happily walk him, I even race with him. The change in his life and our is amazing and Mr havers has definitely had a lot to do with the changes :) thank you
— Kate Pearce, Whitwick, Leicestershire
Without doubt one of the best decisions we made was turning to Steven for help with our rescue Dougie. Home visits and classes really helped but the week we spent with Steven had by far the biggest impact we could of hoped for. 6 months on and our walks and our life with Dougie is so much better. Still work to do, we know with Steven’s ongoing support we can achieve what we once thought impossible. Thank you.
— Kelly Sharpe, Leicester
11 weeks ago our 4 yr old rescue dog reacted to other dogs so badly that I was scared to walk her and a different behaviourist said she was untrainable. With Steven’s training we are now able to walk her on the park unmuzzled without her reacting....the transformation is remarkable. Steven has supported me all the way and I would recommend him a million times over!
— lisa kyprianou, leicester
Our beautiful rescue German Shepherd Jess was often aggressive to other dogs and so strong I could barely hold her. I didn’t dare walk her anywhere I might meet anyone else, which was a bit restricting. Steve taught me how to relax with her and to de-stress the situation. We needed some practice, but now on his Saturday dog walks she has stopped pulling, runs loose with other dogs and, at the end of the walk, snoozes beside me whilst we all have a drink in a pub garden. What a joy! There’s still work to be done in more difficult situations, but I’m sure Steve will help get these sorted out. Highly recommended!
— Pam Smith, Billesden, Leicestershire
My husband and I were struggling with our 6 month old puppy becoming increasingly aggressive and possessive. Having tried lots of different techniques, we were at the end of our tether and life was becoming increasingly stressful. We had loads of toys for our puppy to play with yet she never played with them. Her recall was getting worse and she was demanding so much of our attention, our lives become totally focussed on our puppy. We searched online but nothing worked and we were getting so confused with the sheer volume of differing opinions online. We got in touch with Steven because of a recommendation from a friend. I will honestly never look back and never hesitate to invite Steven into my home to help with a dog, ever again. Steven has helped us to understand our puppy SO much better. He has taught us about the importance of praise and she now plays on her own ALL the time! It’s not a struggle to keep her off the kitchen floor anymore and she is so much more responsive to us. The stress levels that we have from our puppy have decreased by 100% and we are once again completely in love with her! Although not totally there yet (we only saw Steven for the first time two months ago!), her control issues have almost gone and we’re working hard to get her recall up to scratch. Our puppy has become an utter joy to have once again and it’s all thanks to the valuable lessons that Steven has taught us. I now recommend Steven to anyone with a dog, even if they don’t have issues like ours did! It’s great to learn just how dogs think and behave, why, and how we can teach them to live in our world.
— Jo Saines, Shepshed, Leicestershire
Hi Steve, 

We wanted to send you a message to say thank you for all your help with Alfie. Since having a home visit and attending your walks Alfie has improved so much on and off his lead. He is much calmer in his home environment and around other people. Alfie enjoys time off his lead now interacting with other humans and dogs without barking or growling. Alfie’s re call has also improved following your input. 

Thanks again, we appreciate your help. 
— Hayley, Sylvia, Colin and Alfie
Steve has helped us and Luna (GSD) overcome the challenges that faced her after losing her brother Oscar. We started going to his classes a couple of years ago and we are still going because Luna loves it, we also now take Ginny our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. We are all ways learning new things because no two dogs are the same.
— Sarah Tyson, Syston, Leicestershire
The difference in our excitable Chihuahua after just one visit is amazing! So looking forward to continuing working with Stephen and restoring calm to our home.
— Hazel Lee, Billesden, Leicestershire.
What a difference 3 weeks makes. Great advice from Steven and a more chilled out woofer. Highly recommend if you are struggling with your dog
— Rebecca Colledge, Leicester.
Our Irish Wolfhound, Logan, had started to be a real attention seeker and this had escalated since the addition of a foster place to a further IWH. Steven immediately spotted the errors of our ways and discussed how we were encouraging the behaviour. After just a few training sessions we were able to change our behaviour and could see the pact on the dogs straight away. This has improved steadily with every visit.Steven is a very honest, knowledgeable and straight talking guy. I would recommend him extremely highly for sorting out the problems at the handle end of the lead!!!!!
— Neil Lewin, East Goscote, Leicestershire

My family & I where having problems with our 17 month old Cavachon dog. I knew my brother - law & sister in law had a dog behavourist for their dog and had excellent results with their dog. We used Steven Havers as they had said how good he was. When I rang him and spoke to him about t our dog to make appointment he said to me he does not train the dogs but the humans which I thought was strange at the time. Also it’s our first time ever having a dog so we where clueless as how to cope with her. Steven turned that all around. It was a session of 1 1/2 hour I thought how can we learn anything in that short time how wrong we where we learnt so much from the session and put the training into practice more or less straight away. We where pleasantly surprised how it worked. Steven had explained to us different ways in a calm way how to stop our dog bitting/ nipping before it got out of control and she hurt someone .He showed us how to keep still and ignore her when we come into the house as she would jump on us like crazy which for some people might not like. Steven has been very good with us and explained what to do with one session already completed we could see a difference in her already. She was a lot calmer the nipping / biting had stopped. Lots of other issues where addressed as well. Again Steven had explained what to do in a way we could manage the dogs behaviour. Our house is a lot more calmer now that we know how to deal with things and not panic as we used to in the early days. My elderly mother has made several comments how good and well behaved she was when we took her off the lead and let her have a run outside. She is not a dog person so we could never take her off the lead when going to visit her. it’s all different now she can be lead free. Also my sister made a comment about Olga our dog how she could stroke her and not feel she was going to have her had bitten off and how more loving she is. Thank you Steven Havers for working with us and helping us to understand our dog in a much better way. We praise her more rather than tell her off all the time as we did a lot of the telling off. I would most definitely recommend Steven Havers a million percent thank you again.
— Frosulla Michael-Kyprianou, Leicester
I am simply stunned at the difference in my “reactive “ dog within an hour and a half . Steven has completely made me rethink my behaviour around my dog !! Cannot recommend him highly enough !!
— Dawn Miller, Cosby, Leicestershire
Top chap has shown us how to calm our Great Dane Bob right down and behave
— Simon Aldred, Leicester
This is second time and can see the difference in our dog all ready, thanks for the advice.
— Luther Stafford, Leicester
After Stevens 1st visit it transformed the way we are with our 2 dogs. Now very calm in house. 2nd visit walking the dogs. Wow awesome. Just back from a walk so much calmer met other dogs did what Steven showed me and what a transformation. Tia behaviour did not get a chance to escalate. Thank you I love being calm the havers way.
— Denise Still, Leicester