Our Impact

We do things differently which is why this web site is called dog behaviour the Havers way. Steven Havers has been working with dog owners for over 25 years, 12 of those full time yet he doesn’t work with dogs.

That is a strange thing to say but when you are working with Steven, the only time he will address your dog is to praise good behaviour, his complete attention will be on teaching you about your behaviour.

So our impact is really on your behaviour and how you interact with your dog.

You will have heard lots of people claim they train the dog owner, that is all we do and you really have to experience our work to fully appreciate it and understand it


Dogs thrive on attention and do not differentiate between good and bad attention.

People tend to give more attention to unwanted behaviours in their dogs so the dog merely repeats the behaviours that generate the most attention.

We teach you how to completely change this and give your dog consequences that are entirely free of contact yet have a profound affect on their behaviour and decision making process.

We then teach you the most challenging part of working with your dog, we teach you how and when to praise.

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