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Our Mission

We stated on our home page it is our mission to educate dog owners and this is what we love to do and strive to deliver with the best experience possible.

Many dog owners struggle with aspects of their dogs behaviour and whilst no single dog trainer or dog behaviourist can claim to be able to solve all issues, with sufficient experience and knowledge of human behaviour we can certainly make a difference that you will enjoy.

Achieving a calm, relaxed and well balanced dog takes time and patience, especially if your dog has come from another home as this means he will have expectations about how to behave around people and these expectations might not be yours!

Addressing unwanted behaviours in dogs is a fascinating subject and we can help you understand why your dog is behaving in this way, what his expectations from you are and then we can change both his expectations and your reactions which opens a door into a whole new opportunity for you and your dog

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Steve has helped us and Luna (GSD) overcome the challenges that faced her after losing her brother Oscar. We started going to his classes a couple of years ago and we are still going because Luna loves it, we also now take Ginny our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. We are all ways learning new things because no two dogs are the same.— Sarah and Richard, Syston, Leicestershire


If you decide to work with us, you are assured of a professional, fully insured service that will help you achieve your goals. It will take time and effort from you but we can achieve what you want.

We rarely use treats as a training aid and this will become very clear as you work with us and we will be happy to explain in detail why this is the case when we are working with you.