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Living with noise and stress

Have a Miniature Schnauzers they said, they are lovely quiet dogs that are great in the house, they said, they are easy to live with, they said.

They are very noisy, I said, they can be reactive and controlling, I said, they can be hard work I said.

One of these is a generic description of a breed of dog.

The other is the reality that a lovely family in Cosby, Leicestershire are living with. They have not got what they thought they were getting and are struggling to cope with what they have got.

Noise and stress, all day and into the evening. Visitors to the house are almost non existent, passers by hurry past because of the noise, dog walkers avoid going past the house because the noise sets their dogs off.

Things are getting desperate.

Relax, be quiet and ignore the noise. You might think these instructions are for the dog, they are not. They are for the family and in the space of one short hour, they worked and worked very well.

I don't like seeing dogs stressed beyond their ability to cope yet we very often do not realise we are doing just that and it is only when our dogs are at breaking point that we see something is not right.

However, then how do we fix it? What is wrong with the dog?

There is nothing wrong with the dog, the environment in which it is currently in is not working, more emphasis on correction and stopping rather than praise for not doing in the first place.

Over stimulation and not enough rest and quiet time is recognised as being bad for our health yet we find it difficult to apply the same principles to our dogs yet once we do apply the same principles, we will see an incredible transformation in them.

If we give our dogs the environment in which they can be calm and relaxed, your dog will be forever grateful but can you change your behaviour and most importantly can you put your dogs needs above your own?

If your dog is there for your entertainment and you are not prepared to change, your dogs behaviour will only get worse.

If you are prepared to alter your behaviour and recognise the needs of your dog, you can have the dog you always wanted.

If you cannot change, you dog will not change.

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