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A 13 month old Beagle out of control

Beagles and chickens in the kitchen.

Tell me Steven, why do you love your work so much?

Me, because I get to see chickens and Beagles in the kitchen together!

If you like variety in your work, this can be the best way to find it. In this case I was in Rothwell, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom working with a 13 month old #Beagle who was a little noisy, a little jumpy and a little racy.

However he was not in charge of the chickens, they took no messing from him and kept him firmly in his place. He was definitely hen pecked!

Too much freedom from am early age can be very damaging to a dogs behaviour later in life, especially a free spirit like a Beagle who is very scent driven and can find it difficult to not follow a scent.

If training is put in early it is easier, just because this dog is 13 months old does not mean it is beyond help.

The recall was improved, the barking in the garden was reduced and the jumping up was reduced all within an hour.

If that can be achieved within and hour, think what the owners can do in the two weeks until I visit again.

I love dogs with spirit and character but they are the dogs who can cause the most disruption in the home because they can be bothered to interrupt you and they can be bothered to make you interact with them whenever they want attention, they are the dogs who are very good at training people.

Because people are fairly easy for a dog to train, we give our attention away far to easily, some dogs will take full advantage and then detest being in control.

Dogs don't want to be in control but if no one else is, they will step up and try to make the best decisions they can. These are not usually the decisions we would make so there ends up a conflict that is actually based on wrong communication but is one we believe we have to win through more conflict and stress. There is a much easier way but it does require a different approach and a different way of thinking.

But it works.

Beagle and chickens.JPG