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A Chihuahua and a new Labrador puppy

You may remember I went to Ashby de la Zouch to see a client with a #Chihuahua who was getting a Labrador Puppies and was concerned they would not get on so we had a theory session teaching all about sharing attention.

Well puppy duly arrived, my clients have been putting into practice what they needed to do and it is working.

However, they are finding it difficult to be calm and relaxed with the puppy because he is a proper cute Labrador puppy and he is just gorgeous!

As he grows there will be more work to do but for now they are off to a good start.

I showed them so effective techniques to stop excessive excitement, to stop chewing or too much exploring with his mouth and the timing of attention for the right behaviour.

Asking an only dog to accept a new puppy is a big ask and it needs to be managed carefully so the older dog does not feel pushed out by the new arrival because that will cause problems further down the line.

Asking visitors to ignore the puppy for the first few minutes and then to be calm is also a huge task because everyone gets so overwhelmed by the sheer cuteness that they ability to control themselves goes out of the window and they turn into whirling dervishes, in case you don't know what that means, they develop a high pitched voice, their hands are fussing far to rapidly and they are confusing the puppy completely.

My clients have had to be firm with their friends and family and teach them to let the puppy have time out, to let him just chill out when he is tired, we all know what fun a tired toddler can be!

You owe it to yourselves and to your puppy to get off to the best possible start because you want to have a well behaved dog you can take anywhere and be in relaxed control of don't you?

If you are getting a puppy you will find my book very useful https://www.haversdogbehaviour.co.uk/…/paperback/product-22…and you will also find a home visit before you get the puppy as well as after very useful.

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