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My naughty dog blog is all about dogs and owners I have helped.

An update on Leo

An update on Leo in Market Harborough. Leo is improving slowly because the real challenge is the owners changing their behaviour. I am always patient and relaxed but even more so with Leo's owners as they are retired and are finding change a challenge. What I love most about them however is their determination to get it right with Leo.

Our visits are now at three week intervals and one of the owners is hard of hearing and wears hearing aids. This means he misses some of the noises Leo makes when he want attention and can often think Leo is quiet so he praises him.

I have asked my clients to look for a sound receptive light that can indicate when Leo is making a noise so the noise can be seen which is much easier for my client!

By far, one of the most challenging parts of my training is getting owners to praise their dogs for doing nothing, for being calm and relaxed.

The second most challenging thing is getting them to remember to do it consistently.

People have no problem remembering to tell their dog off yet we seem to find it very difficult to praise our dog for not interrupting, being quiet and relaxed because we think they should know that is what we want them to do.

If we don't give them a reason to do something, why should they choose to do it?

Our dogs are always looking to see what they can do to get attention, it is the only way they can understand what we want yet we often give the wrong attention to the wrong behaviour and end up with a dog we cannot live with, yet if we are prepared to change, there is a very good chance your dog will also change.

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