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our dog behaviour services

Complete and ongoing support for dog owners.

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how our dog behaviour services can help you.


Dog Behaviour Home Visits

These can be 45 minutes long to a full day and will address the whole relationship as trying to resolve one issue in isolation won’t have a lasting and long term change.

You spend the most time with your dog at home which means this is where your dog learns how to behave. What you get outside the home is only a continuation and escalation of the behaviour in the home. Get in touch to book your visit.

Puppy behaviour the havers way book

Getting it right from the outset, even the process of selecting your puppy and bringing them home for the first time can set expectations in your new puppy. My book covers everything you will need to make sure you and your puppy get off to the right start, even making sure the first night is a peaceful one! There is a great deal to learn and this book will be an invaluable help for you and your family as you start your life with your new puppy! Click here to buy.

Group Dog behaviour walks

These are an hour long and put together dogs in a group that wouldn’t usually be put together because their behaviour would be deemed too disruptive. If you have a dog that reacts to other dogs, you need to be able to practice around other dogs. The walks are open to everyone from puppies upwards, rescues and rehomes are welcome as are dogs with issues. You need to learn to be in control in the environment you find most stressful as your dog can then follow your lead. Click here to book.

dog behaviour guides

We write dog behaviour guides for you to buy so you can get help and advice wherever you are and these are very useful as a source of information and reference. Full email support is available to anyone who has bought one of our guides so we ensure you get the most out of your purchase and get all the help you need during the implementation process. Visit our online shop.

On going support:

For as long as you want it, you will have our support. There are several ways to contact us to get your questions answered. You can call, this may take time for us to call you back, you can text, you can email and you can connect through our Facebook page. This way you will get a quick response to your question and we can keep the conversation going and you have a written response to refer to.

Intensive dog behaviour training

This is five consecutive days of intense learning which is not for the faint hearted as we spend five full days with you and your dog in many different situations to make sure you and your dog know how to behave. The emphasis is on repetition so your required behaviour becomes ingrained and more permanent. You can come to us or we can come to you or a combination of both, either way you will have a very educational week and we will have a lot of fun too! Click here to book.