puppy behaviour the havers way book

Puppy Behaviour the Havers Way is a brand new book that will give you a very different approach to puppy behaviour like no other puppy behaviour book ever has.

That is a bold claim as I am sure you will have read many books on puppy behaviour before, I know I did hen I researched other offerings before I wrote my book on puppy behaviour and they all seem to be the same!

I found this quite concerning. When I researched publishing my book on puppy behaviour, I came across a seemingly golden rule that a book has to be substantially different to be worthy of publishing yet all puppy behaviour books appear to be the same, say the same things and do the same things. I wondered why this could be and the realisation was a simple one. People will always buy a book that promises to solve problems so it all comes down to an easy market.

I don't think that is fair to you! You are parting with your hard earned money and you want value for that money when you you a book on puppy behaviour ad you want that book to help you deal with puppy behaviour so you have a well behaved puppy, don't you?

I know many thousands of dog owners and they nearly all have books on puppy training or dog training in their bookshelves yet they still struggle with their puppies or dogs.

What does that tell you? The puppy behaviour book didn't give good advice that worked therefore wasn't good value for money! Just my opinion but there it is!

So you are now thinking what is different in my book about puppy behaviour?

My book on puppy behaviour starts with selecting the puppy, observing how the breeder behaves and helping you understand how that shapes your puppies expectations even before you choose your new puppy! There, that got your attention! I go into levels of detail that other books on puppy behaviour don't even get close to! I will help you understand your new puppy in ways you wouldn't ever have thought of because we don't think about the puppy in the right way.

Puppy Behaviour the Havers Way book helps you plan your journey home and teaches you how to bring your new puppy into your house for the first time. If things are done properly first time, everyone nows what to do and your new puppy is no exception!

I also help you plan and prepare for the first night with your new puppy from the moment you get your new puppy home! It is very important that you know what to do so your first night is quiet and peaceful!

Puppy Behaviour the Havers Way book teaches you how to approach toilet training so your new puppy earns as fast a possible where he should go to the toilet so the risk of mistakes is greatly reduced so you are all more relaxed and happy!

I also help you with bad walking and recall training and this is all within the first five days of getting your new puppy home! I believe in preparation so your puppy has the best possible chance of growing into a very well behaved dog you can be proud of and not the sort of dog we all dread meeting when out on a walk, you know the exact sort I'm talking about!

Buy Puppy Behaviour the Havers Way book and you will be able to enjoy your new puppy and be able to deal with everything he throws at you in a calm and knowledgeable manner because you will know exactly what to do!

You and your new puppy deserve the best start together and Puppy Behaviour the Havers Way book will give you all the information you need for that great start. 

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Having lost two dogs in our lives that did so much for us we decided to adopt a dog that had not had a good start as they had from puppies.
Lennie is a cross breed we think about five years old ,he has gone through such trauma so we wanted to help him the best way we could.
We purchased Steve Havers book Puppy Behaviour to help us as we needed to start from the beginning .
We have followed every step that Mr Havers advised and we have a lovely calm dog .
I am just starting to teach him to sit and stay using no treats and have had very few accidents with his toileting considering he has been kept in a cage.
I would recommend this book to anyone wether it be a pup or older dog
— Susan Judd, Leicester