puppy behaviour training

Why does a puppy need behaviour training?

hy do adult dogs and reuse dogs need behaviour training?

Because they were allowed to do what they wanted as puppies and didn't get any puppy behaviour training!

Did you know your new puppy is learning how to behave even before you go and choose?

Did you know your new puppy works out your own behaviour in the first two days of living with you?

Have those three facts made you think about your new puppy a bit differently? I hope so!

Teaching a puppy to behave is very difficult, doing puppy behaviour training is very difficult because the last thing anyone wants to do with their new puppy is teach him how to behave. 

Having a new puppy is all about play, noise, excitement and movement isn't it? Usually yes yet it is during the first few days and weeks that you can teach your puppy to behave properly and then your puppy will remember your puppy behaviour training through the rest of his life. Getting off to the right start teaching your puppy how to behave will prevent so many issues as the dog grows and gets older.

Puppy behaviour training is not sit, down and stay, that is puppy obedience training. Puppy behaviour training is toilet training, greeting people, walking on a lead and recall and all of these puppy behaviours can be trained within the first two weeks if we apply ourselves from the outset.

One simple thing that proves puppy behaviour training has not been done is puppy biting hands. This shows the puppy has been overstimulated for too long and con't cope. This proves puppy behaviour training has not been done because a puppy should never be stimulated beyond his ability to cope yet how often do we consider what our new puppy needs?

We are too concerned that we do what we want regardless of the puppies needs so really it is you who needs puppy behaviour training! What a surprise! Seriously, it is very difficult to keep calm when we get a new puppy, especially if there are younger children involved.


Here I will give you a word of warning. How we teach our puppy to behave in the first month is how your puppy will behave as an adult if nothing changes. If you have a small breed, that makes puppy behaviour training even more difficult because small dog breeds are allowed to get away with much more than large dog breeds because far fewer people are scared of small dogs yet the behaviours are the same.

herefore, owners of large breed puppies have a greater responsibility to ensure puppy behaviour training is done properly so they can be confident their large breed dog will be a well behaved adult.

Small dog breed owners need to take responsibility and do their puppy behaviour training properly so their dogs are not allowed to run up to other, bigger dogs as this causes problems for the owners of larger breed dogs. It is the responsibility and now the law that dog owners have their dogs under control in a public place and this all starts with puppy behaviour training.

f you allow your puppy freedom to do as it wishes, you will never have the control you need when he is an adult. Puppy behaviour training prevents so many unwanted behaviours in older dogs so it is really worth getting puppy behaviour training for yourselves as soon as you get your new puppy. It will be the best decision you ever made!

A 90 minute puppy behaviour training home visit when you first bring puppy home is the best start, a second visit one month later, then at six months will teach your puppy how to behave during those most important learning months. Brining your puppy to my dog behaviour group walks will complete the puppy behaviour training properly and then we can move on to adult dog behaviour training. I also suggest you buy my puppy behaviour training book before you get your new puppy so you are properly prepared.

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