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Five Days of Intensive Training for You!

Five Days of Intensive Training for You!

As you read my site, you will realise all my training is for the dog owner and your behaviour. My home visits are
Teaching you how to live with your dog!

Teaching you how to live with your dog!

Now that's a statement that is different but it is a true statement because I teach you, the dogs owner. You will have
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Teaching you how to live with your dog!

Education for Dog Owners Through Classes for Dog Owners, Intensive Training for Dog Owners and Training for Dog Owners at Home

Your Vision of Having a Dog!

When you buy a dog you invariably have a clear mental image of the things you want to do with your dog at various stages of his life. You want your dog to be a member of your family, to be great friend and playmate for your children, to look after the house...

Is This How it Turned Out ?

Despite your best intentions, your dog has not turned out quite the way you imagined. You tried your best with your dog yet, your dog still pulls on the lead, still wants to chase cats and birds, still wants to play with other dogs but won't come back to you on request...

Dog Training vs Dog Behaviour, What is the Difference?

Traditional dog training is based on obedience. Obedience is just the dog performing to specific commands. Sit, down, stay, give a paw, roll over, heel are all commands to which your dog must perform a specific action. Various methods have been employed...

How Havers Dog Behaviour Works

Dogs take all of their behavioural indicators from you depending on how you react to their behaviour. Therefore dogs only behave the way we have taught them, regardless of our intentions. You need to recognise the difference between your dog misbehaving...

Latest News

  • An update for you on the dog walks.
    Things have changed and the changes have been in place now for quite a while. The classes used to be held at Jubilee Playing fields where we used a small area of the site to walk around a field and learn to be relaxed. The principle is sound as is still used on the new adventures but the circling of a field was proving to be monotonous. So I decided to change and mix things…
  • Dog Adventure Updates
    The new dog adventure walks are proving challenging! It's not in a field anymore where the dogs had become too comfortable and settled. The new dog adventure walks are much more real and much more of a challenge because we encounter real life situations so you all learn so much more! The locations change to keep the challenges real and I know and appreciate this does not suit everyone having to find different locations but…
  • All change!
    It's all changed! Gone are the circular trails in a field, gone is the same place, same dogs comfort zone and gone is the predictability! Being on the same field for an hour has served its purpose and became stale for all of us. When things get stale, it is no longer a challenge and we stop progressing. Not any more! In comes different locations that you and your dogs do not know and are…
  • What makes a dog difficult to live with?
    This is a question I get asked a great deal! People ask are there any breeds that are more difficult to train than others? Everyone has a breed they think is difficult to train don't they? There is one breed that is by far the most difficult to train and my 25 years experience has proven this over and over again. This breed tends to behave in the same way, it doesn't matter where they…

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