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Intensive Training for Dog Owners which really works!

Intensive Training for Dog Owners which really works!

If you have a problem with your dog or you have reached a plateau in your training, you might research the training
Setting new standards in Dog Behaviour

Setting new standards in Dog Behaviour

You can have a well trained dog that still doesn't know how to behave. Training based on commands and food reward will
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Steven Havers is Creating Better Dog Owners

Classes for Dog Owners, Intensive Training for Dog Owners and Training for Dog Owners at Home

Your Vision

When you buy a dog you invariably have a clear mental image of the things you want to do with your dog at various stages of his life. You want your dog to be a member of your family, to be great friend and playmate for your children, to look after the house...

Is This The Reality?

Despite your best intentions, your dog has not turned out quite the way you imagined. You tried your best with your dog yet, your dog still pulls on the lead, still wants to chase cats and birds, still wants to play with other dogs but won't come back to you on request...

Performance vs Behaviour

Traditional dog training is based on obedience. Obedience is just the dog performing to specific commands. Sit, down, stay, give a paw, roll over, heel are all commands to which your dog must perform a specific action. Various methods have been employed...

How it Works

Dogs take all of their behavioural indicators from you depending on how you react to their behaviour. Therefore dogs only behave the way we have taught them, regardless of our intentions. You need to recognise the difference between your dog misbehaving...

Latest News

  • Four dogs in one house.
    Three Border Collies and a Border Collie cross Lurcher puppy would sound a lot for anyone to cope with but there is more!Two of the collies have been together for a while, they do fly ball but everything was fine, sure there were a few little things amiss but nothing that warranted professional help and this would have continued but for the owner!You see, the owner likes a challenge so when he met another Border…
  • Vets need more training than dog owners!
    Vets need more training than dog owners!Many of my clients have dogs with issues, most of the issues come from the owners so the two together can be a difficult combination.I have a client who is scared of dogs and to overcome this fear, she got one and is working through a lot of issues, they are doing very well. The dog was due his annual booster at the vets, a prospect that filled my…
  • The reason we do the walks in Bradgate park
    The reason we do the walks in Bradgate Park.I was asked to help with the walks in Bradgate park to encourage dog owners to have greater control over their dogs whilst in the park and over the past year we have helped many dog owners understand their dogs better and have better control especially around the deer.Ranger Mat and I always explain the damage that dogs can cause by chasing the deer, the high stress…
  • What is the Havers difference?
    This was highlighted this very morning during a call with a prospective client who has a noisy Jack Russell. She got this dog from the RSPCA and as usual the write up on the dogs behaviour didn't match the behaviours the new owner encountered so she caught help from a behaviourist who uses clicker and treats to shape behaviour. Now this will give some results with some dogs but not with that many. The owner…

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