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Dog behaviour the Havers way began in 1993 as K9 Consultants, one of the first dog behaviour specialists offering home visits and dog behaviour classes. The word spread and more and more dog owners realised help was available and they didn’t need to suffer with their dogs behaviour. The company then moved to its current location and rebranded as Havers Specialised Dog Training and then Havers Dog Behaviour in 2006.

Dog Behaviour the Havers Way was created as a brand in 2016 and the name is designed to suggest things are done differently, they are as it is the owners being trained how to behave. This unique approach creates lasting change and a deeper understanding of your relationship with your dog

Dog Behaviour the Havers way has worked with many different breeds of dog with an incredible variety of issues, some very simple, some more complex and we have achieved successful results with 98% of them. It is this experience from over 25 years of learning that will help you have a less stressful relationship with your dog


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Steven Havers

Steven and two of his dogs.

Steven and two of his dogs.


Steven Havers

Over the years Steven has worked with many trainers from having his first dog to competing in obedience, tracking and protection work. Steven has read many books, attended many seminars in the UK and in Europe and learned a great deal which has helped shape his philosophy. There is very rarely a problem with the dog, there is always a problem with communication and understanding and that is nearly always the owner. Steven will teach you more about your behaviour and how and what you do, the only communication he will have with your dog is praise.



During his corporate career, Steven has completed many in house and external courses on psychology and is an expert in human behaviour in relation to dog behaviour.

Away from work

Steven is happily married to Claire, they have three children, one daughter plays cello, one daughter is in the GB academy for archery and his son has been accepted for trials with the Leicester Tigers development pathway.

Steven is also a professional dog photographer and you can see his work at www.haversdogphotography.co.uk